Hong Jin Hardware Corporation--Innovative Ratchet-Type Pipe Cutter offers easy and safe usage

Hong Jin Hardware is dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality miter shears, trim cutters, multi-function cutters, cutting tools, anvil shears, gasket shears, multi-angle cutters, tube pipe plastic trim cutters, and duck-bill shears. The company's operations are fully based in Taiwan.

The HJ-14 Ratchet-Type Pipe Cutter is Hong Jin's newest addition to its growing line of quality tools, featuring a non-slip handle design for comfortable handling in PP+TPR impact-resistant material. The HJ-14 features a cutting capacity at a maximum diameter of 42mm for PVC plastic tubing. The ratchet-type design makes cutting less labor-intensive for the user and offers another level of safety.

Hong Jin sourced high-strength low-alloy steel for the HJ-14 and designed it with strengthened structural points in mind, allowing users to cut through thicker tube materials easily. Compared to competitors' tools, Hong Jin's design using Japanese SK5 High Carbon Steel Blades features sharp blades that cut into the material and leave behind smooth edges. The company has also considered product sustainability with a quick blade-swapping mechanism, which allows the user to swap out damaged blades and extend the product lifecycle.


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