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Hongjin Industrial Co., Ltd. newly launched the HJ-12 Vinyl pipe cutter this year, primarily used for cutting soft vinyl pipes and hoses.

The HJ-12 Vinyl pipe cutter can easily cut soft vinyl pipes, beading, plastic pipes, hoses, water pipes, etc. The water pipe cutter is small in size, making it easy to carry, and the sharp blades makes it easy to cut water pipes up to 49mm in size. The firm is also applying for the DIY tool-free quick knife change, making it easy and convenient to use.

Hongjin has been engaged in tool processing and production for more than 30 years. The firm specializes in the production of mitre shears, scissors, blade shears, which are widely used in woodworking, factory use, pipe cutting, ironwork, and building materials, etc., all offering diversified services.

Photo courtesy of Hongjin Industrial

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